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物聯網研究團隊論文題目爲“A Cache-Aided Communication Scheme for Downlink Coordinated Multipoint Transmission”的研究成果在高水平期刊IEEE AccessJCR一區,影響因子:3.87)發表。在此同時,團隊另外兩項科研成果也分別被信息與通信領域權威期刊IET CommunicationsJCR三區,影響因子:1.023)和IEEE Communications LettersJCR二區,影響因子:2.081)錄用發表。






A Cache-Aided Communication Scheme for Downlink Coordinated Multipoint Transmission


Abstract: Content caching at the base stations (BSs) is a promising strategy that can provide improved quality-of-service (QoS) provisioning for content-centric services, and at the same time reduce instantaneous backhaul payload. In December 2017, Dr. Fasheng Zhou and his colleagues focus on applications of the caching mechanism in the downlink of coordinated multipoint (CoMP) transmission, where the collaborating BSs cooperatively serve the user equipments (UEs). The paper was accepted for publication by the journal IEEE Access. In this paper, a cacheaided transmission scheme for downlink CoMP with limited local cache resources at the BSs is proposed to improve QoS provisioning in terms of outage performance. In order to cache files more efficiently while guaranteeing the QoS, the contents are divided into two sets, a popular set and a less popular set, according to their popularity profile following the Zipf model. The popular files are cached at all the BSs, while the less popular files are cached only at part of the BSs in a cache cluster subject to the strategy design. Furthermore, based on popularity of the requested files, UEs are categorized into two groups and the notion of request competition between the two groups is introduced. The corresponding request competition model and admission probabilities for transmission requests are analyzed. Based on the request competition model, the best cache placement strategy for the popular and less popular sets that minimizes the average outage probability is derived. Numerical results show that the proposed cache-aided CoMP scheme outperforms the baseline traditional caching strategies in terms of the average transmission outage.


This work was coauthored by Dr Fasheng Zhou (1st), Dr. Lisheng Fan (2nd) and Dr. Gaoyong Luo (4th) from Guangzhou University, Dr. Ning Wang from Zhengzhou University, Dr. Jie Tang from South China University of Technology and Dr. Wei Chen from Tsinghua University.